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    1. Publisher reserves the right to change advertising rates upon 30 days notice and all contracts are subject to this reservation.
    2. All contracts are for a period of one year unless otherwise stated in the contract.
    3. A signed contract is required to earn any rate other than the “Open” rate. Cash or certified check may be requested with order until credit is approved.
    4. Rebates will be issued to advertiser at the end of contract period. Unfulfilled contracts will be short-rated to the rate earned.
    5. Cancellations will be accepted not later than 24 hours prior to insertion date, in writing.
    6. Credit for typographical errors will be allowed only for the first insertion.
    7. In the event of an error, liability will not be assumed for any claims exceeding the charge for the actual space occupied by the advertisement.
    8. All bills are due within 15 days of the billing date. suite »»» H-O General Rate Policy / H-O grille tarifaire

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December, 2021
Un Plan Marshall pour Haïti par RAJ

Un Plan Marshall pour Haïti par RAJ Après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, les États-Unis ont institué un plan de redressement de l’Europe dévastée par la guerre, initialement intitulé « Program me de redressement européen », promulgué en 1948 avec le soutien bipartite du Congrès, et rebaptisé « Plan Marshall » en l’honneur du secrétaire…

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A Marshall Plan for Haiti by Raymond Joseph

A Marshall Plan for Haiti by Raymond Joseph After World War II, the United States instituted a plan for the recovery of war-devastated Europe, initially entitled the “European Recovery Program,” enacted into law in 1948 with bipartisan Congressional support, and renamed “The Marshall Plan” for Secretary of State George C. Marshall, who first urged…

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