New York City Receives More Good News by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

FROM CITY HALL by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

  • New York City Receives More Good News

New Yorkers already know that we are the best, most exciting city in the world to live; now it seems that a cross-section of the rest of the nation have the same idea. In fact, according to a new Harris survey, when asked « If you could live in or near any city in the country except the one you live in or nearest now, what city would you choose? » New York City topped the list at number one.

The result of the Harris Poll comes as no surprise to most New Yorkers. Already, New York City is the number one international tourist destination in the world and fast becoming the most sought-after place for domestic travelers to come and visit. In fact, last week I announced that in 1996, 25,600,000 domestic visitors (overnight and day trippers) came to New York City – the highest level ever, representing a 5% jump, or 1,300,000 more domestic travelers to come here, with numbers expected to rise by an additional 2% to 26,117,000 this year.

The record-setting increase in the number of tourists coming here reflects the growing perception that New York City is one of the world’s most exciting, cleanest, safest destinations.

People now feel safe here and that is owed in large measure to New York City’s tremendous success in dramatically reducing the crime rate. According to the FBI, New York has become the safest large city in the nation with more than one million people.

And it looks like the good news is only getting better. Indeed, on July 8 I was very proud to announce New York City’s latest achievement in reducing the crime rate. Since 1993, overall crime in New York City has fallen by nearly 44%, fueled by a 13% reduction in the first half of 1997. These preliminary figures also indicate an additional 29% decline in murder, for a total decline since 1993 of 60%. Statistics like these change any misconceptions about New York City and in the process reaffirm our position as the Capital of the World.

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