Bringing to Haitian Communities Abroad :


The objective of the “HAITI DIASPORA 360” initiative is to build a dynamic relationship between the Haitian Diaspora and the Haitian Government and to include the Haitian Diaspora in a logic of development linked directly to its objectives.

To you all, my compatriots living abroad, please join me through this platform each month, at specific dates to be communicated, to discuss and debate different subjects, provide answers to several questions that are important to the Haitian communities scattered around the world, to promote a clearer dialogue among the entities involved. It is in this perspective, that I appeal to all those who have expertise in migration as vectors of socio-economic and cultural development, and humanitarian activities. I also appeal to investors, federations, NGOs of the Diaspora working in Haiti to contribute and offer their expertise in the elaboration of an Action Plan. Please, subscribe to our Facebook Page “HAITI DIASPORA 360” to learn more about us. Submit your questions or relevant topics that you would want us to consider for upcoming debates at HYPERLINK « mailto:haitidiaspora360@gmail.com  » haitidiaspora360@gmail.com.I look forward to the beginning of our many dialogues this coming January 2021. Dominique Martin At haitidiaspora360@gmail.com

Who is Dominique Martin? Mrs. Martin has been involved in community affairs for nearly two decades, having debuted at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2001, as a Practice Administrator and Outreach Coordinator for their Multi-Specialty Center on Nostrand Avenue. In that capacity, she collaborated with several medical doctors of Haitian ancestry.

Her result-driven and solution-oriented personality prompted her recruitment by Aesclapius Medical Society, a very reputable medical not-for-profit organization in New York. As a member of the Executive Committee, she militated in the organization for over six years and was quite active in their work in Haiti to provide clinical care in diverse areas. She was very instrumental with the cholera pandemic efforts and in leading nearly over 100 mobile clinics, following the 2010 earthquake. She is still a member at large of the organization. In 2012, when Congresswoman Maxine Waters led the Congressional Delegation to Haiti after the earthquake, she was her personal translator. She also served as facilitator between the American Congress and the “Chambre des Députés,” the Lower House of the Haitian Parliament. In 2012-2013, she was an adviser to Haiti’s Health Minister Florence Guillaume, dealing mainly with foreign affairs, especially at a time when several Non-Govern – mental Organizations (NGOs) were still in Haiti, after the quake and during the cholera pandemic. Her expertise caught the eye of the Mayor of Port-au-Prince, with whom she worked for two years (2013-2014), coordinating all post-earthquake efforts of NGOs. And in 2014-2016, she became Chief-of-Staff at the Mayoralty of Croix des Bouquets. Since 2012, she has been the President of FAM Consulting Group, a global expert services firm specialized in Haiti Business and Government Relations. Needless to say, Mrs. Dominique Martin is well-known for her expertise as an “outreach cadre,” especially in coordinating efforts for the benefit of those most in need. We wish her well in her new endeavor to bring her compatriots abroad around the table of discussion –and action— towards a better Haiti.

AJ25 November 2020

cet article est publié par l’hebdomadaire Haïti-Observateur, VOL. L No. 46, édition du 25 novembre 2020, NYC US, et se trouve en P. 14 à : http://haiti-observateur.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/H-O-25-novem-2020.pdf